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Teenage health-training held in AHRDO


Health5Teenage health-training was held over three days, from 2nd- 4th September 2012 at the office of Arakan Human Rights and Development Organisation (AHRDO) in Mae sot. Training was mainly focused on awareness of Sexually Transmitted Infections/Disease (STIs/STDs).
Trinner; Naw Lar Hsu (obstetrician) from Matoe Clinic and Ma Mu Naw (Project officer) from BWC led the health-training, and 12 participants from AHRDO and 9 Burmese migrant workers were present.
The main aim of the training was to raise awareness of STIs and STDs that are common to teenagers, such as venereal disease and other related diseases. AHRDO coordinated the training because they felt that it is vital that young people have the knowledge and understanding of how to prevent sexual diseases.
Burmese Migrant workers living in Thailand have limited knowledge of health care, so we hope that our training will give them a clear understanding of basic sexual health care. After finishing the training, AHRDO intends to do a follow-up training session for the people who we unable to attend the first one.



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