The Climate and Natural Resources of Arakan State

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Climate and Natural ResourcesArakan State lies directly in the path of the southwest monsoon and is covered with evergreen forests due to the substantial amount of rainfall it receives. There are three seasons in general; summer lasts from March until the end of May, with average high temperatures around 100° F. Annual rainfall is typically 160 to 200 inches.
Arakan is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Its economy is mainly agriculture and resource-based. The main agricultural product is rice and paddy. The export of forest and timber products such as teak, hardwood, softwood, ply-wood, bamboo, cane, etc., and sea products like shrimp, turtles, crabs, dried fish, canned fish, and salt also contributes significantly to the economy of Arakan. Large deposits of petroleum, natural gas and uranium can be found both inland and offshore; commercially exploitable deposits of silver, wolfram, zinc, platinum, lead, copper and precious stones such as sapphires are thought to exist in Arakan State. Limestone and marble, quarried in the Arakan Roma mountains, are also important exports. Waterfalls like that at Sai Dun (Sai Din) offer the prospect of an inexhaustible supply of electricity via hydropower. The bamboo forests in the Arakan Roma are capable of produce the best qualified pulp and paper products.

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