Press Statement of AHRDO launch

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Aung Marm Oo (Executive Director)                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (01/ 2011) Tel.           : + 66 (0) 816 736 326                                                                                     October 9, 2011

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Launch of the Arakan Human Rights and Development Organisation: A

New Voice for the Arakanese Struggle


Arakan State, Burma, has historically been one of the most abused states in Burma’s history. Despite recent news about progress in Burma, the Arakan State still faces major social, economic, political and cultural oppression, but October 9, 2011 will mark a landmark occasion in the state’s history. Arakan people will be given a new platform to document and promote their struggles through the launch of the Arakan Human Rights and Development Organisation (AHRDO).


The purpose of AHRDO is to inform the local and international communities about human rights abuses and the impacts of development projects in Arakan State. These include the Shwe Gas Pipelines Project, Kyaukphru port, the Kaladan Project and several hydropower projects which have been initiated by the Burmese government working with overseas entities. These projects will have no benefit to local people and will destroy the homes of hundreds of Arakanese people, forcing them to be internally displaced.


“There is a lot of talk about progress in Burma, but we have seen little improvement in Arakan State where the majority of the population continues to live in poverty. We have established the AHRDO to help give our people a voice,” says Aung Marm Oo, Executive Director.


The official launch of AHRDO and its website will take place on October 9, 2011 in Mae Sot, Tak Province, Thailand. The press conference will be held at 1.30 pm (please see attached invitation for further details).


Notes To The Editor:


AHRDO believes that development in Arakan State should adhere to the following principles:


Development must be participatory. Development must benefit local people. Development must be sustainable.


AHRDO believes that these principles are most likely to be observed under a democratically-elected government in a Federal Union of Burma.





Organisational structure


AHRDO is organised into nine Working Departments with each its Director, Deputy-Director, and staff members. Each Working Department serves a different role to contribute to the effective and efficient operation, leadership and management of AHRDO as stipulated in the organisational constitution.



Working Departments                                                    Board of Directors (Directors and Deputy-Directors)


1)Publicity and Information Department   Aung Marm Oo and Tha Zun Khaing

2)Research and Documentation Department   Marm Khant and Banay Htoo

3)Health and Education Department   Oak Soe Khaing and Khaing Aung Soe

4)Literature and Cultural DepartmentKyaw Khaing Htwan and Pan Nu San

5)Human Rights and Development DepartmentWarm Ko Naing and Pywint Phru Kyaw

6)Environmental and Ecosystem Protection Department (EEPD) Khaing Wai Zaw and Aung Kyaw Marm

7)Organisational and Public Affairs DepartmentNay Marm Htwan and Marm Naing Htwan

8)Women Affairs DepartmentMrat Swe Zan and Mrat Su Wai

9)Finance and Management DepartmentZaw Aung Naing and Hla Yai Phru


Advisory Board


1)Venerable Monk U

2)U Kyaw

3)U Khaing Hsan

4) U Htay Warm  

5) U Ah Oo Maung

6) U Aung San Thein                                

7) U Tha Kyaw Hla

By unanimous consensus and a decision by the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board, Aung Marm Oo has been appointed as Executive Director, which is the highest in position to manage and lead the entire organization.




For further information, please contact: Aung Marm Oo (Executive Director)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Telephone: + 66 (0) 816 736 326



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