Background of AHRDO

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The Arakan Human Rights and Development Organisation (AHRDO) is a non-profit, independent organisation formed on November 9, 2011, by veteran members of the All Arakan Students and Youth Congress (AASYC) and other Arakanese individuals on the Thai-Myanmar (Burma) border with the objective of contributing to the holistic and sustainable development of Arakan (Rakhine) State.

AHRDO researches and documents human rights violations and environmental and cultural abuses throughout Arakan State as well as the situation of the Arakanese people with regards to education, healthcare, safety, ability to make a livelihood, and the social, economic, and political situation of the Arakanese population.

AHRDO then uses this research and documentation to inform both the people and the Government of Myanmar as well as the international community about these issues, with the core aim of developing a just society that is guided by the principles of human rights and equality, and promoting the development of the entire Arakan State.

AHRDO is open for membership to all Arakanese people, regardless of their sex, colour, religion, or political affiliation, and works for the common good of the entire Arakanese population.



AHRDO envisages an Arakan State where the people of Arakan live with the human rights, equality, and justice that is necessary for progress and development throughout the entire region.



Our mission is to develop an equitable Arakan society where human rights and equality are recognised and respected by all, and to improve the political, economic and social conditions affecting the Arakanese population; and to protect and preserve Arakanese cultural heritage, as well as the region’s resources and natural environment, while promoting appropriate and sustainable development.  



  1. To spread awareness amongst the Arakanese people about the human rights that they are entitled to be protected by, in line with the morals and characteristics of Arakanese culture and tradition.
  2. To solve and put an end the human rights abuses that have affected so many in Arakan.
  3. To protect, preserve and develop Arakanese literature and cultural
  4. To protect and preserve the degradation of Arakanese natural resources and ecosystems.
  5. To ensure that the natural resources - both beneath and above the ground, or offshore - are maximised for the benefit of the Arakanese people.
  6. To obtain and promote higher and more dignified living standards within an equitable society and a healthy environment.



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